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Wooden frame houses

...and not wooden homes as many times we call them by mistake

Wooden houses are the ones with frame made of wood.

External masonry is not necessarily made of visible wood. 
Instead, it can be made of plaster, stone lining, or external insulation - thermo-facade -  (where and in a climate like our own is the proposed cladding).

In the internal masonry, we still have alternative possibilities. We can have visible wood, or plaster, lined with stone or plasterboard.

The construction here starts with a base - a concrete platform (reinforced concrete), on which we build the house.

Wooden houses have a long service life, they are earthquake resistant, non-combustible, they have excellent and healthy microclimate inside and also very good acoustic.

All of the above results in a comfortable and healthy living inside them.
Project image

As a conclusion the benefits of a wood frame house are:

  • shorter construction time and
    lower construction cost in comparison to the conventional.

  • better thermal and sound Insulation

  • quality and durability

  • environmentally friendly

  • the lightness of the wooden frame makes it possible to build houses on very rugged terrain
  • the walls of the wooden houses, less thick than in the classic constructions allow gaining inhabitable surface

A step by step construction of a wooden frame house

internal surface of gypsum board and exterior OSB, and insulation shell

We will be happy to answer any questions you have about our work.

We will be happy to answer any questions you have about our work.

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